20 Important Marketing Lessons

“A mentor is the key.” This was the very sage advice given to me at a business seminar a few years ago. The speaker stalked table to table, making each group repeat it. And so a phrase I might have forgotten as a sales pitch for his product, became a truism I won’t forget… that was still also a sales pitch for his product.

Open, the small business forum from American Express recently posted 20 important lessons from marketing mentors. See a few lessons below…

Differentiation is key. Companies can’t try to do the same thing as the competition and do it better; they have to identify and promote what makes their product or service unique.

You are what you publish. Every business has information that can contribute to the education of the market place. Marketing and PR pros need to think like publishers.

Focus on what your customers want to learn/buy and not what you have to sell them.

See all 20 lessons at OpenForum.

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