That’s How You Sell a F**king Great Razor

In the tradition of the Old Spice commercials, Dollar Shave Club has come out with a YouTube video scoring equally high on the ridiculously funny meter. But founder and CEO Michael Dublin doesn’t credit the success to simply being entertaining.According to coverage of VidCon, Dublin and fellow speakers Jeffrey Harmon and Austin Craig of Orabrush fame,  presented several tips for online video success. Among them:

  • Make sure your video addresses a consumer pain point. “We didn’t succeed just because we were entertaining,” said Dollar Shave Club’s Dublin. “Find a shared consumer experience — in our case, it was the high cost of brand-name razors — and focus on it.”
  • Murder your darlings. Keep it short. “You’re a marketer, not an artist” said Harmon. “If it’s not adding to the message of the video, get rid of it.”
  • Pay attention to the open and close. “The first five seconds of a video is crucial,” said Craig. “Make sure you’ve got an attention-grabbing opener, and be sure to have a call to action at the end.”

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